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Theron Crawford

Historical Fiction

Deep fascination with history and the psyche of the people at the time that marked historical events occurred. Why does history repeat itself and why is mankind unable to learn from the mistakes of the past? We can all learn from an understanding our past. Read Crawford's books if you dare to learn more.

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Robert Milne

Short Stories

No one writes quite like Robert Milne. If you are into captivating storytelling based on real-life encounters, Milne's work is definitely for you. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put the book down. You will be enthralled by his fascinating stories, told with unique satirical insight and entertaining outcomes.


Theron Crawford's Page


Theron Crawford

dedicated to life-long learning

there is no beginning and no ending....

just a perpetual journey through time....

dedicated to learning new things about being....

careful to examine perspectives from every angle....

in the restless quest to know and to understand....

with hope to accept and rest....



Theron Crawford's Work

Theron Crawford is a prolific writer with a focus on a number of different subject areas. Have a look at his most popular releases below, including Karoo Stories, The Botha's Of Graaff-Reinet and Omutengu. He specialises in historical fiction.

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Karoo Stories

A Selection of Short Stories

Crawford takes us back to a time when the Karoo was struggling to recover from the hangover of its frontier existence and the scars left on its people caused by the Anglo-Boer war. Meet the delightful, and sometimes quirky characters as they gather at stock-fairs, church services, coffee-shops, boys hostels, and under the starry night skies to share their experiences of the old Karoo.


Botha's of Graaff-Reinet

Genealogical Research Paper

This book traces the history of the Botha family that has resided in Graaff-Reinet since the early 1800's. Specifically, the story of the descendants of Samuel Friedrich Bode, who was the first of the two original ‘Botha’ settlers in South Africa.



The Burden of Young Men

Theron Crawford takes us inside the minds of boys as they are transformed into fighting soldiers, robbed of the innocence of youth and burdened with the consciousness of older men. Having himself served in the Angolan Bush War, Crawford provides us with the inside track on how the war was fought and the experiences of the men that were conscripted to further the “Total Onslaught” tactics of the Apartheid South African Government.


Reviews of Crawford's Works

From the Source

A charming and captivating book of tales that will delight many readers. Africa Talked

Karoo Stories

Fascinating volume of short stories. This book will delight readers. The Group Editors

Karoo Stories

The insight into the character backgrounds, their stories intertwining, and their individuality allows the reader improved understanding and awareness around the realities of the time. Online Book Club



Robert Milne's Page

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Robert Milne

As a youngster I was fortunate enough to sometimes spend the winter holidays with family in the Karoo, either in a small town or out on the farm at the foot of the majestic Swartberg Mountains. In those days life moved in a different way, without the distractions of TV and IT and on evenings round the fireside or the kitchen table, one of the main pastimes was storytelling. From this early beginning I developed a love for the subtle art of relating a good story and a passion to one day contribute in some way.



Robert Milne's Work

Robert Milne is a master storyteller, drawing on his vast experiences and encounters with life, people, and animals. His series of stories are neatly packaged in his books: Encounters with Animals, Country Encounters, and Encounters with Life, in which he shares his real-life adventures and insights.

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Encounters with Animals

Collected Short Stories

Milne entertains us with his stories of encounters with all types of animals, from his irritation with the rucous hadede ibis to the mighty elephant that almost stuck its head into his car. The tales include fascinating encounters with cats, toads, birds of prey, snakes, horses, fish and dogs. The stories abound with satire and entertainment.


Country Encounters

Collected Short Stories

Along the way he regales us with hilarious tales of country characters he meets at these weekend-away country destinations. The locals come to life as he relates their interesting stories and behaviours. In every one of the ten short stories, Milne sucks one into the mood and environment with immense skill that one feels present at all these country encounters.


Encounters with Life

Collected Short Stories

Robert Milne takes us along his life's journey, sharing with us the many ironies and hardships he has encountered, but also the good times filled with mirth and satire. Those who have grown up in South Africa can readlily relate to his stories, based honestly and sincerely on what many of his compatriots must have experienced over the last five or six decades.


Reviews of Encounters

From the Source

One hallmark of a good storyteller is the ability of the writer to provide you with a sense of the atmosphere in which the story unfolds and Milne does not disappoint. LinkedIn Post

Country Encounters

If you enjoy easy reading, hilarious escapades and amusing stories set in real South African Cape country settings, you wil not be disappointed. Cape Argus

Country Encounters

This book takes you through a range of emotions. A must read for anyone who loves animals and is able to relate to people and their interface with the fauna of our country. Absolutely delightful! Riana Visser

Encounters with Animals