Media Support Services

Engage Your Target Audiences

Our experienced team of editors, writers, graphic designers, and marketers will assist you through the phases to produce a quality product.

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Research and Analysis

Knowing your Target Markets

Market Research: collect and provide information pertaining to your targeted audiences to establish needs and competitive behaviours.

Market Analysis: analyse and report on target market to describe characteristics, develop personas and messaging themes.

Employee Surveys: research employee satisfaction and engagement levels in order to ascertain pressure points and identify development opportunities.

Social Media Campaigning

Growing your Market Share

Social Media Advertising: designing and launching social media advertising campaigns to improve lead generation.

Email Marketing: designing and conducting email marketing campaigns to reach current and new audiences within targeted market segments.

Social Media Exposure: growing your brand presence through extensive social media blogging and content management.

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Brochures and Newsletters

Your Offering in Pictures and Words

Company Brochures: telling the story about your business in a way that engages your audience and entices a call to action.

Product Catalogues: presenting your products and services in a manner that piques interest and converts prospects to buyers.

Newsletters: keeping your audiences informed of latest developments and keeping your business top of mind in buying behaviour cycles.

Website Design and Creation

Giving your Business Substance

Website Design: desigining website pages that are SEO ready and which attract readers to your offering.

Website Creation: building websites that function at levels demanded by an ever-increasingly sophisticated buying social media audiences.

Content Writing: providing content for your websites and blogs that are keyword enhanced and which draw readers to your business.

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Author Support Services

Helping Authors Publish Quality Books

Proofreading and Editing: provide reviews of manuscripts to improve use of grammar and correct spelling mistakes.

Layout Design and Formatting: prepare manuscripts for ebook and printing formats as required by distributors.

Cover Page Design: design covers that improve the changes that authors will sell their books.

Publishing Support: provide support to assist authors in obtaining the necessary printing authorities and print-on-demand services.

Social Media Marketing: assist authors using social media to market their books to prospective readers and distributors.


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