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Author Support Services

From Planning to Promotion

Reviewing CVs
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Success lies in the planning of your work. We do the research you need to target the right audience, and to provide an accurate account of the context for your writing.


Nothing detracts more from your product than poor structure, grammar and spelling. Allow us to edit your work, design an eye-catching cover, and a compelling call to action on your back page.


We will obtain your ISBN authority, prepare the barcode, and arrange printing at very competitive prices.

Publishing House
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Let us get your book published and listed with the leading online book distributors such as Amazon and Goodreads.


Allow us to build and maintain your very own author's website and social media plan for maximum exposure


The end result is a quality product that will attract readers and make sales

Services are available on a modular basis or get the comprehensive package and unlock massive savings.

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“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable”

Louisa May Alcott


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Services Price List

Competitive Rates


From R250 per hour

Our research capability is geared toward finding out what you need to know in order to write your next book or article. This includes getting to know your potential customers better,  as well as providing context for your story-line and characters. We also do historical research and have produced several genealogical reports.


From R10 per audio minute

We transcribe audio to text and electronically capture hand-written information. The service includes fast and accurate data-capture. Our translators will convert your English text to Afrikaans, or vis-a-versa.


From R150/1000 words

Our professional review services are designed for quality-conscious authors requiring a thorough review check of their manuscripts. Papers submitted to this service are returned free of language, grammar, and punctuation errors, in addition to any mistakes in technical terminology. We provide a concise review for publication on social media.

Content Writing

From R250/1000 words

Content writing services include blog writing for websites, web content writing, marketing material content, white papers, research articles, infographic content, social media content, press releases, and product descriptions.

Book Marketing

From R1500 per book

Our service will ensure that your book or publication is set up for sales on recommended local and international sales platforms such as Amazon, Smashwords, and Goodreads.

Author Website

From R2500 per site

We design and set up fully functional and quality websites for authors looking to showcase their work online and to provide a reference point for all their readers.