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Media Support Services

From Planning to Promotion

Reviewing CVs

Know Your Business

Before you can start your social media campaign, you need to be clear about waht you do and what it is that you seek to achieve. We help you frame a powerful and concise reason for being and for the product on offer.

Know Your Market

Knowing your market gives you insight into what matters and how your competitors meet the needs. We do the research you need to target the right audience, and to provide an accurate account of the context for your product or service.

Position Your Offering

People considering buying your product or service want to know what makes you different from your competitors and why they should choose you above the rest. Let us help you frame your unique value offering.

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Plan the Mix

Getting your unique message to your targeted audiences requires the right mix of social and other media that they your target audience uses. We will help you find the right channels in which to engage your target markets.

Campaign Execution

This is where the rubber hits the road: making sure you do the right things, in the right way to get your audience engaged. Allow us to build and maintain your website and social media plan for maximum exposure.

Measure for Results

If you don't measure your results you will not know whether you are reaching your target markets and which messages and media are most successful. Allow us to help you manage your social media efforts for ultimate results.

Services are available on a modular basis or get the comprehensive package and unlock massive savings.


Why Crawford Publications

Engage Your World

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Access Cost Savings

Passing on Savings to Clients

We are a virtual organsoation working remotely, something that keeps our overheads low and allows us to be most competitive in our pricing.

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Access Expertise

Proven Experience

Our associates have many years experience in running small businesses and in writing and editing. We have the qualifications and accreditations to support our domain expertise.

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Quality Outcomes

Owner Managed Services

All our services are directly managed and overseen buy our business owners who take personal pride in deliverying a professional service and quality outcomes for our clients.


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